Cannibal tomato is not a tomato.

This is a red eggplant native to Fiji island.

Yes it looks a lot like a tomato. In fact the friend I left watering my balcony plants while I was away told me he bit onto one with gusto, only to find out he doesn’t like the taste of raw eggplant (I’d think few people do).

I picked up a seedling for this curious plant at Prinzessinnengarten community garden and it grew quite well in my balcony. I couldn’t resist the name and the story attached to it.

Fiji also had cannibals, and legend says they used this “tomato” to prepare a sauce for the human meat.

I don’t know if it’s true but myself I used them in a vegetarian recipe.

P.S. I did find the reference in a book from 1862, with the ingredients used in the Fiji cannibal feasts.


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