DIY Bokashi Bucket

The liquid from bokashi composting is an awesome fertilizer. How can you collect it?

There are buckets with a tap for collecting this magic juice for sale, but you can also make your own with free materials and save money.

For this project you just need two buckets that fit tightly inside each other leaving a small space at the bottom. The tap is not really essential, you can just remove the top bucket and collect the juice from the bottom one.

Be sure to dilute it very well before using it on your plants, because the liquid is very concentrated and can be too acidic when undiluted.

The plants love it. It is full of fermented goodness, with nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. Learn more about bokashi in this post.

It’s a great composting method with several advantages:

  • can be done in a small scale for a balcony garden
  • no bad smells
  • low maintenance
  • able to process all kinds of food scraps
  • can be left alone for several weeks (or months) if you travel

The instructions to make your own bucket are on this downloadable PDF.


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