Midsummer radish greens quiche

The first radish harvest from the balcony vertical wall ends up in this great dish every year.

I have been adding rows to the vertical wall. In the first year it had 4 rows, and now it has 6 while using the same space. I found out I could have the rows closer together and multiply the harvest. This year I have planted cilantro and spinach in addition to rucola and radish.


The quiche is almost a tradition now and I look forward to it. The sauteed greens get mixed with avocado and a dash of mustard. The roots decorate the top and also go into a side dish salad. You can get the recipe here.

I grow radishes on the bottom part of the wall and multi-sow (two seeds in each hole) following the advice of professional gardener Charles Dowding.

Even with single sowing, some of the seeds might bolt and produce only greens, which is not a big deal because I eat them with pleasure.

I can get three radish crops every summer. Sometimes I sow something different in the last round, like winter greens that also don’t need too much soil.

Here is the wall just before I harvested for the quiche:


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