Seed Exchange

A great way to connect with gardeners in your local area or even far away. This year I attended a seed exchange meeting in my neighborhood here in Berlin, and also exchanged by mail with friends from the UK.

I must confess my notes were not so detailed at the local swap but it was a nice surprise to find out what the produce looked like as they grew. These sweet peppers ripen to a beautiful orange color, but taste great green as well. I was a bit better at writing down the name of this beautiful small and round eggplant called “Melanzana Prosperosa”, also received in a seed exchange.


So, as you put aside some seed this fall for the next season, think of saving some extra and exchanging with other gardeners. If you can’t find a seed exchange event in your area, why not set up one? You can also look for groups that exchange seeds by mail, in this case you won’t meet face to face but can find a bigger variety of interesting seeds to try.


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