Vertical Wall Update

I added one more row to the vertical garden. It’s a great way to make the most of small spaces. I think next year I might add one more row. The goal is to look and see just leaves and no pots, then I will have optimal space usage. I am now also labeling things right after planting so I won’t forget what’s where.

To learn how to build your own vertical wall, take a look at my instructions.

The salads and radish grow quite fast, it’s already our second crop. The beans on the sides I plant mostly for decoration, and also as a continued effort to acclimatize them to my local conditions. Wherever I travel I try to visit farmers markets and buy some beans. They are food but they are also seeds. So I cook most of it and save some to plant. The first crop might not do so well, but then select seeds from the plants that did best and plant them again. Repeat the process enough times and the result should be seeds now adapted to your climate.


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