Vertical wall

This is an IKEA hack. You can easily build your own wall.

We are now eating our second crop of rockets and there will be a third one this summer. They grow very quick, and with the help of homemade bokashi compost, we can also recycle the soil and refill it with nutrients.

Here is what we used as the hanging pots:

These containers once came in different colors and were more oval, as you can see in my wall. (I also used green ones for a different area of the balcony).

I actually like this new shape better, but they don’t come with a hole in the bottom anymore (you can easily drill one though).

For the frame I used some aluminum tubes leftover from an art installation, but you can buy the rod to hang them from IKEA as well. Or be creative with the materials you have in hand!

Below some pictures of the vertical wall, flanked by beans and tomatoes, and my friend Ivan enjoying the urban jungle. (The wooden bench is also a balcony DIY project I plan to write about.)




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